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Airfare for Churches

We can help you save on church staff travel, vision/planning trips, mission trips, missionary travel, and more.

Significant Savings

Faith Ventures has full access to 36 Fly For Good airline contracts. We can offer discounted fares that can provide significant savings. If no discount fare is available on your route, we’ll help you find the lowest published fare.

Simple 3-Step Booking Process

  1. Request a quote (quotes for individuals or for groups).
  2. Connect with an agent who will help you book at the lowest possible fare.
  3. Provide proof of affiliation with a church.

We Can Help

  • Complicated itineraries – We thrive in finding the best options for complicated travel.
  • Unpublished fares – If there’s an unpublished discounted fare for your route, we’ll find it for you.
  • Groups and individuals – We work with individuals, small groups, and groups from 10 to 3,000. 

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