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Coronavirus Information

For Short-term Plans (Basic/Plus/Premium/Trip Cancellation and Interruption)

As of January 21, 2020, the Coronavirus is a known event. Quarantine is no longer considered unforeseen for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption for policies purchased after 1/21/2020. However, coverage is still available for medical and emergency medical evacuation expenses in the event that a traveler contracts the disease while on their trip.


I want to cancel my trip because I am afraid to travel due to the Coronavirus. Am I covered?

Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption due to fear of contracting an illness is not covered. 


If I am quarantined during my trip due to suspected illness, am I covered?

If you or your traveling companion are quarantined as a result of Coronavirus, you may be covered if you purchased your policy on or before January 21, 2020. If you purchased your insurance after that date, there is no coverage since Coronavirus was a known event. 


If I contract the Coronavirus during my trip, are my medical expenses covered?

If you contract the Coronavirus during your trip, you could be covered under your Emergency Accident & Sickness benefit for medical expenses incurred during your trip, under the Emergency Medical Evacuation if you need to be transported to a higher level of care as deemed by our emergency assistance provider, and under the Trip Interruption benefit for unused, pre-paid trip costs. 


If my flight is cancelled because the airline is not flying to areas where there are Coronavirus cases, am I covered?

You are not covered for Trip Cancellation if your airline cancels your flight due to Coronavirus. You may have coverage under the Trip Delay benefit for additional meals and hotel expenses incurred if your flight is cancelled on your scheduled departure date or during your trip. Always check with air carriers to understand cancellation and change policies.  


My tour operator cancelled my tour because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Is this covered?

No, you should seek a refund from your tour operator and other travel suppliers. If you would like to apply your policy to a new trip, we can adjust your travel dates, destination, and trip cost as necessary. 


For 365 Plans


Am I covered if I contract COVID-19, the most recently discovered coronavirus?

“IMG offers several different types of insurance plans and coverage may vary, please refer to your plan documents for the terms of coverage. The majority of IMG’s travel medical insurance plans and international private medical insurance plans may provide coverage for COVID-19 related care for insureds who purchased and entered their destination country prior to the World Health Organization issuing an Emergency Travel Advisory, the United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention issuing a Warning Level 3 (avoid nonessential travel), or a government agency of the insured’s home country publishing or issuing a Travel Warning or Emergency Travel Advisory informing the public about the health issue. Benefits that may be triggered include, but are not limited to, accident, sickness, or medical evacuation.”

Any Illness or Injury incurred in the Destination Country as a result of epidemics, pandemics, public health emergencies, Natural Disasters, or other disease outbreak conditions that may affect a person’s health when, prior to the Insured Person’s entry into the Destination Country, any of the following were issued regarding the Destination Country

a.) The World Health Organization had issued an Emergency Travel Advisory

b.) The United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention had issued a Warning Level 3 (avoid nonessential travel)

c.) A similar governmental agency of the Insured Person’s Country of Residence had published, communicated or issued a Travel Warning or Emergency Travel Advisory restriction or official declaration informing the public about such health issues before the Insured Person traveled to the Destination country.


For further questions regarding your coverage and coronavirus, please contact us at (800) 876-4994 or contact@faithventures.com.