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“I filed a claim and in a matter of weeks I had a new [camera] lens in my hand and was able to capture some amazing shots documenting the work I had done on the farm with my fellow volunteers. Such a pleasant and hassle-free experience.” – Kyle, WWOOF

“Their customer service is fast and dependable.” – Logan, YWAM


“When we had a [flight] delay in Syria, they were great to work with. One of my teammates lost her luggage on the way there and the folks were very helpful in getting her baggage and paying for her to get some clothes.” – Seth, Desiring God



“THEY WERE PHENOMENAL! They stayed in contact with Hospital Langkawi the entire time that I was in the hospital and were in communication with the doctors. Also, they paid to upgrade both [my friend] and I to business class on our return trip. When I returned I had several emails and a phone call asking how I was and making sure that we made it back. I highly recommend them!” – Rebecca, CRM


“I chose to book with Fly For Good solely because of [your agent’s] helpfulness and lightning-fast responses.  It is great service like this that makes customers want to do business with your company.” – Greg, High Companies


“Every challenging booking I have requested has been met with exemplary service and attention to detail. Fly For Good has been Good for Me.” – Tal, Centre for Affordable Water & Sanitation Technology


“Since 2009 Fly For Good has been an incredible resource for the CTC Ten Foundation and our work in providing educational and crime preventative programs for youth in South Africa. Extremely responsive and very flexible, Fly For Good is an organization that I am proud to work with and recommend.” – Ryan, CTC Ten Foundation

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