Travel Insurance

Filing a Claim

Note: The process above refers to Faith Ventures travel insurance plans only. If you’ve worked with Brotherhood Mutual to purchase Liability or Kidnap & Ransom coverage, please review the report a claim instructions for the product you purchased or call: 800-876-4994. 


“If something goes wrong while you’re traveling, keep your original receipts! Even if you’re not sure it’s covered, having the original receipts will help you receive your maximum refund.”

~ Beckah Ripley, Customer Care Specialist ~


6 Tips for a Great Claims Experience


Carefully research your needs.

Do you need travel protection? Think about your travel plans, destination, and existing insurance coverage. Consider our tips to help you find the right plan for your needs.

Know what's covered.

Carefully read the policy details and exclusions before you decide on a plan that’s right for you. Ask questions. Reread the description of coverage before you depart on your trip.

Purchase early.

You must purchase your travel protection coverage 24 hours before you depart on your trip. It’s best to purchase as soon as possible after you’ve made your first trip payment.

Keep track of paperwork.

Systematically organize and save all travel documents and receipts, before and during your trip. Keep a file of important documents. You will need these when filing a claim.

Call to open a claim ASAP.

Don’t wait! Claims are time sensitive issues. You must file with 30 days of incident, but we suggest filing much earlier than that to ensure you have all your paperwork in order.

File a police report.

Even if it’s a minor theft or offense, get the local authorities involved so you can obtain official documentation. 24/7 assistance can help you with contacting a police station or embassy.