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What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance protects you and your financial investment when traveling abroad. It is designed to help travelers who run into unforeseen injury, illness, losses or delays.

Why do I need travel insurance?

Traveling abroad carries risks that you don’t face in your everyday life. Travel insurance provides peace of mind and protection in case of medical emergencies, travel disruptions or personal and financial loss. It’s a small investment to avoid a potentially disastrous financial situation.

Do you offer a refund or guarantee on travel insurance plans?

If you are not satisfied with the 24/7 assistance, discounts, or level of travel insurance coverage, we will refund your plan cost within 10 days of purchase, granted you have not departed on your trip or filed a claim.

How do I change or cancel a plan?

If you need to cancel or change a plan, please contact us via phone or email as soon as possible. We are not able to make any changes to plans that have already started so make sure to notify us before your effective date.

When should I expect to receive my card in the mail?

If you elected to receive the physical version of your Faith Ventures card, you should receive it in the mail within 5-7 business days.

If you elected to receive the e-only version of your Faith Ventures Card, you should have received a confirmation email containing your Ecard immediately after purchase. If you did not see it in your inbox, make sure to check your Spam/Junk folder.

I didn’t choose to order a physical card, but I want one now. How do I add it?

If you would like to add a physical card to your order, give us a call at 855-231-5237 or email contact@faithventures.com. We will then charge your credit card the extra $2 shipping and handling fee. Your physical card will arrive about 5-7 days after the order is placed.

Can I purchase a card if I am already traveling abroad?

Only our 365 Plan is available to purchase while traveling. The Basic, Plus, and Premium plans need to be purchased before you begin traveling.

Why did I get an error when I tried to purchase a policy?

There are a few reasons that you may have gotten an error when you attempted to purchase. The most common reason is that your Billing Address is incorrect. Make sure to double-check to make sure it is the same address associated with your credit card. If you continue to receive an error message, please contact our Customer Care department at 855-231-5237.

I forgot my username/password

Your username is your email address. If you forgot your password, click on the “Sign In” button in the top right. Next, click on the “Forgot Password” link just above the password field. We will send you an email containing a link to reset your password.

Can I extend my current policy?

No, our plans are not designed to be extended, even just for a few days. If you think you might stay longer than the policy term, we recommend upgrading to the next policy. For example, if you think you might travel for over 180 days, we recommend you purchase a 365 Plan instead of a Premium Plan.

Basic, Plus and Premium plans cannot be purchased while traveling, so make sure to get a plan that fits your needs best BEFORE you start traveling.

What’s the time frame to purchase a policy?

Basic, Plus, and Premium plans can be purchased up until 24 hours before your trip begins, but we recommend purchasing sooner rather than later. 

Trip Cancellation and Interruption plans can be purchased as soon as you put your first deposit down on your trip.

What should I do in an emergency?

If you are experiencing an emergency while traveling, please call the 24/7 assistance line on the back of your card. You can also find the emergency number here.

What do I do if I get sick while traveling?

If you get sick while traveling, you can call the 24/7 Assistance line on the back of the card. They will instruct you where the nearest clinic is and assist you with any arrangements that need to be made. Make sure to save all of the invoices, receipts, and documentation from the medical care you receive. 

When you get home, report your claim here. Our staff will follow up with you within 24 business hours with instructions to file a claim.

How much coverage is enough?

To figure out how much coverage you need, you’ll want to think about a few factors such as how long you are planning to travel, how many trips you are planning to take within the next year, and how remote your location is.

All of these and other factors will help you determine how much coverage you should get. If you need assistance in choosing a plan, our Customer Care Reps would be happy to assist! Just give us a call at 1-800-876-4994.

How do I file a claim?

First, report your claim here. Within 24 business hours you should receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with your claim.

How long does it take for my claim to process?

The average amount of time it takes our underwriters to process a claim after it is received is 30 business days. However, this is largely dependent on the claimant providing all the necessary documentation. Omitting any of the needed documentation could delay the processing of your claim.

Who can I talk to if I have a question about my claim?

If you have any questions about your claim or the claims process, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 855-231-5237 or email us at claims@faithventures.com.

Can I get a 365 Plan for travel in my own country?

The 365 Plan covers you in every country EXCEPT your country of citizenship.


If you have a question that is not answered in this section, please feel free to contact us by visiting our contact page, emailing us at contact@faithventures.comor calling us at (800) 876-4994.

(800) 876-4994