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Faith Ventures Legal Notices

(Effective July 1, 2014)

Prior Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company Passport to Ministry Customers: FV and Brotherhood Mutual make no promise or guarantee that the insurance products available through this website provide coverage equivalent to the coverage provided by the Passport to Ministry® (PTM) insurance product.  While the protection afforded through the FV card is broader in many respects than the PTM product, there may be individual situations or circumstances in which the FV coverage is more limited.

Legal Disclaimers

FV Affiliated Companies:

FV’s affiliated companies include the following:

  • Fly for Good – Assists non-profits by providing opportunities for them to save money on travel and other professional services. Fly For Good has its own privacy policy, which is posted here: Fly for Good Privacy Policy
  • Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company – Provides quality property and liability insurance coverage, custom designed to help churches and related ministries do their work safely and effectively. Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company does not underwrite the FV travel insurance card.  Brotherhood Mutual has its own privacy policy, which is posted here: Brotherhood Mutual Privacy Policy
  • Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Services (BMIS) – A licensed insurance agency subsidiary of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company that offers the Faith Ventures travel insurance products and services.  Brotherhood Mutual’s privacy policy also applies to BMIS.

General Liability Disclaimer:

FV and affiliated companies assume no liability for any direct or consequential damages suffered by anyone accessing this site, nor is any liability assumed in relation to the content provided herein, or provided within any other Internet site that may be accessed via this site.

Intellectual Property Rights:

FV and affiliated companies maintain exclusive ownership rights in certain trade names, taglines, slogans, logos, and other items of intellectual property.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company maintains exclusive ownership rights to all intellectual property rights associated with the Faith Ventures name, taglines, slogans and other items of intellectual property.

All logos, text, content, including underlying HTML code, designs, and graphics used and/or depicted in this website are protected under United States and international copyright and trademark laws and treaties, and may not be used or reproduced without the prior express written permission of FV and its affiliated companies. No waiver of any intellectual property rights that Brotherhood Mutual,  FV or FV’s affiliated companies have in any of their trademarks, service marks, names, logos or products is express or implied if a mark, name or logo is not present on this page.


The content of this site may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior written permission from FV and FV’s affiliated companies.

Product Limitation:

Any descriptions or other presentations of products or services on this website are not intended to be offers or solicitations.

Product Disclaimer:

Descriptions or other presentations of products or services on this website will not modify the terms of any policy form providing insurance coverage. Reference should be made to the actual policy forms for coverage information. Other services described on this website are offered strictly in accordance with their terms and conditions and will not be modified by the website’s description or presentation of a service.

Web Links:

This website may contain links to other sites that are not owned or controlled by FV or FV’s affiliated companies. For this reason, FV and FV’s affiliated companies assume no liability for the content or accuracy of such sites.

Software Virus Disclaimer:

FV makes reasonable efforts to provide a website free from any software viruses, worms, or other code that may be potentially damaging. FV does not make any express or implied warranties or representations in this regard, however.

User ID and Password Registration:

Some portions of FV’s website require a User ID and password in order to access certain account information. Unauthorized use of such sites is strictly prohibited.