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liability coverage

Whether you’re sponsoring a short-term mission project, sending students to study abroad, or heading to a remote location as a missionary, liability insurance can protect against many of the risks connected with ministry travel.


Medical emergencies and accident-related lawsuits are liability hazards faced by mission travelers, as are lawsuits that are a result of religious acts and religious communications. These suits usually contain allegations of emotional injury due to religious communications (like sermons or religious tracts) or to acts or expressions (like dramas or healing services) conveyed or conducted by mission team members. Accidental damage to property of others can also result in foreign lawsuits.


When planning a mission trip, it’s important to think about the possibility of an accident, emergency, or lawsuit. Make sure your ministry and your mission travelers have the liability insurance coverage they need.


Note: Liability coverage is not included in Faith Ventures plans. Brotherhood Mutual can work with you to find a liability option that best fits your ministry and budget.


What’s Covered


Bodily injury

Property damage

Religious communication and activity


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The mission travel insurance team at Brotherhood Mutual can help you determine which options best fit your ministry’s needs.