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25 Ways to Process Your Summer Mission Trip

  1. Send detailed thank you letters to your supporters.
  2. Talk honestly about your experience to trusted friends.
  3. Pray for clarity about how to serve at home.
  4. Pray for the people you met on the field.
  5. Write in your journal.
  6. Make a Pressie to share with your church family.
  7. Debrief with your team members, as many times as needed.
  8. Ask questions of leaders and other people you respect.
  9. Make a plan for answering the question, “How was your trip?”
  10. Blog.
  11. Share your photos and stories via social media.
  12. Create tangible reminders – souvenirs, printed photos, etc.
  13. Write poetry.
  14. Stay in touch with the missionaries you served with.
  15. Extend grace to yourself and others.
  16. Ask for help if you’re struggling to re-acclimate.
  17. Catch up on your sleep, healthy eating, and exercise.
  18. Read over your notes or journal from the trip.
  19. List ways God has confirmed strengths and exposed weaknesses.
  20. Be careful not to exaggerate your experience.
  21. Cook a meal you ate regularly on the field.
  22. Volunteer in your neighborhood.
  23. Fast and pray.
  24. Consider hard questions of poverty, economic inequity, culture, and justice.
  25. Read country-specific nonfiction and/or fiction books.

AUTHOR: Faith Ventures

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