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5 Things To Do Before You Book Airfare

Trip leaders and individuals have much to consider when booking airfare for upcoming mission trips, but the process shouldn’t be stressful. In this blog, we offer 5 things you should do before booking your airfare:

1. Compare flights

Online booking engines are popular for comparing flight prices, but there’s more to comparing flights than searching for the cheapest rate. When you’re considering which flights to book, look at things like airline baggage, seat assignment and change fees. You will also want to pay special attention to particular routes, transfers, and layover times. When you’re searching for the best flight, speak with a human travel agent instead of just relying on the online robots to get the optimal results.

2. Have the correct spelling of names

This is particularly important if you are booking airfare for a group. If you’re unsure of the proper spelling of a name, don’t guess! Make sure you have the correct spelling of all names before booking your flights. If you get it wrong, you may be subject to fees.

3. Research visa requirements for your destination

Countries may vary in their rules for entry. There may be limitations on which country you can arrive from or travel to, and what type of documentation you will be required to present. Before booking your airfare, check travel.state.gov to find country-specific information for every country in the world.

4. Plan your transportation from the airport

How will you and your team get to and from the airport in your host country? Is there adequate public transportation? Will you need to hire a transportation service or book a train or a bus? Before booking your airfare, research public transit routes that are connected to the airport you are flying into. It may also be useful to download and print a map of your host city with key routes highlighted.

5. Know your travel dates and destinations

Booking is made easier when you have predetermined your travel dates and destinations. However, if you have challenging itineraries that include multiple travel dates and destinations, speak with one of our friendly travel agents. We have experience in building and handling complex flight schedules.

Faith Ventures offers special airfare for mission trips via Fly For Good. Whether you are a church, ministry or individual, speak with one of our skilled travel agents today to learn how we can help you plan for your upcoming mission trip!

AUTHOR: Faith Ventures

No matter where your mission takes you, travel insurance is essential. Brotherhood Mutual Fly For Good® have joined forces to provide mission travelers with travel insurance and affordable airfare. Faith Ventures has affordable travel insurance options that comes with single or multi-trip plans for foreign and domestic mission travel as well as accessed to experience agents who are ready to give you the best deal on airfare available.

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