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Gratitude Week: Day 1 Giveaway

Day 1 Giveaway


Welcome to day 1 of Gratitude Week! We’re looking forward to spending the next 3 days celebrating missionaries and mission-sending organizations. This is just a little way for us to say thanks to all of you who give so much to the world of missions. Today, you have the chance to show your gratitude to a friend and win then a $50 mission trip scholarship.

Give Thanks

We thank God for the friendships made while on a mission trip. Special bonds are formed when you travel with another individual or a group to a new place and when you engage in a service activity. Today we want to give thanks for all of the great relationships that first began by participating in a mission trip.

Show Thanks

Do you have a friend that is currently raising support for their next mission trip? You could win them a $50 mission trip scholarship! Share a photo of you and your friend (or just your friend if you don’t have one together) and explain why they deserve to win a mission trip scholarship.


+ Earn a $50 mission trip scholarship for one of your friends by sharing a photo of the two of you (or just them) and telling us why they deserve the scholarship. Submit your entry in the comments of this blog, on our Facebook wall, or Twitter. Make sure to include #gratweek15 in your post.

+ Entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm CST on Monday, November 23, 2015.

+ Two (2) winners will be selected at random.

+ Two (2) $50 scholarships will be awarded. The scholarship will be paid directly to the organization for which the individual is serving.

All week long we will be sharing your mission trip photos, videos and stories across our social media platforms as a way to recognize missionaries around the world. By participating in the giveaway, you are agreeing to the official rules. Gratitude Week 2015 giveaways begin on Monday, November 23, 2015 and end on Wednesday, November 25, 2015. Please take a moment to view our official rules.

AUTHOR: Faith Ventures

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  • I am submitting this for #gratweek15 on behalf of my friend Edwin Chow. I coordinate trips for a Christian university and Edwin is a student who is currently raising funds for a mission trip to Thailand. Edwin has a passion for sharing Jesus and loving people in the Name of Jesus. He has been working hard at fund raising but is having difficulty raising his funds because he is so far away from friends and family (California and Asia). Edwin will be a huge asset to the Thailand team and this is why I am submitting his name. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of Edwin.

    November 23, 2015
  • Tammy Harris

    My daughter, Hannah would be a great candidate for the scholarship. She is wanting to help stop sex trafficking. Her hope is to go on a missions trip in 2016 with Destiny Rescue.

    November 23, 2015
  • JK Stevens

    I recommend my friend, Cliff Budach, for a $50 #gratweek15 scholarship. Cliff has traveled to the Dominican Republic a number of times over the years, many times taking his wife and two daughters. Because of this influence Cliff’s oldest daughter is now preparing for the mission field. Cliff’s passion for the lost and his love for those in other cultures is a core value in his life. Every time he travels he does so at his own expense and he is a steady influence on every team he goes with. Cliff is the man on the right in this picture–I am the man on the left: IMG_7269.JPG

    November 23, 2015
  • As the Director of Agape Christian Mission, I have the privilege of cords sting teams for short term mission trips to our compound on the Southeastern coast of Hait. Last month I worked with a team from Illinois who came to the compound with six sewing machines and lots of accessories for sewing. They taught 12 of our compound congregation women to sew. The youngest member of the team, Kerrigan, was amazing. She is still in high school but was so ready for this mission trip. Her performance wth the women and children of our village in Haiti warmed my heart and soul. She is currently raising funds to return to Haiti with me for a second trip to expand the sewing skills of the ladies she now considers her special friends. The scholarship would encourage her as she raises the funds to continue her work in Hait with Agape. Thank you for making this scholarship possible. I am covered under your yearly policy for missionaries and feel protected when I travel to Hait.

    November 23, 2015

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