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6 Ways Pastors Can Save Money on Family Vacations

family walking near ocean

Are you a pastor in need of some rest and relaxation? Perhaps your church approved that long-awaited sabbatical, and you’re not sure how to spend it. If you’re tight on time with a limited budget, here are a few ways pastors can save money on family vacations. Learn how you can rest more, spend less, and make the most of your family vacations.

1. Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

Most families travel during the summer, spring break, or Christmas vacation since that’s when the kids are out of school. These are the most convenient times for families to travel–and the most expensive. If you can swing it, see if you can plan your family vacation during the off-season, which can fluctuate by destination. All it takes is a little Googling to find out when to travel for the best prices.

2. Opt for Three-Day Getaways

Family vacations can be short, affordable, and still relaxing! Planning several few-day getaways throughout the year will not only keep you refreshed all year long, but it will keep your outlook positive as your calendar is filled with fun getaways. Here are a few family vacation ideas to plan the ultimate and affordable three-day getaway.

3. Discover Pastor Retreats

Did you know you can find retreat centers throughout the nation and around the globe dedicated to helping pastors relax and recharge? Some are moderately priced. Others are considerably inexpensive, donation-based, or completely free! Most states provide retreat centers, so make sure to check if there’s one available near you!

4. Extend a Conference Stay

Is there a pastoral conference you’re interested in attending? Your church will find it beneficial to send you to a church leadership conference. Other professions call it bleisure travel. You learn some, relax some. See if you can arrive a few days early or stay a few days after the conference to soak in the city and bake on the poolside.

5. Visit Extended Family

One of the best ways to save money on family vacations is to stay with extended family. Do you have relatives in another state? Another country? Use your connections to visit family you haven’t seen in a while and take the opportunity to let your kids experience another part of the country–or the world.

6. Partner with a Travel Agent

As a pastor, your time is precious, and your budget is likely strict. You’re always in meetings, scheduling retreats, planning sermons, counseling members, and balancing church finances. When do you have time to plan a family vacation? Don’t put it off another day. Contact a faith-based travel agent to help plan your next family vacation. Use their network and travel expertise to find the best accommodations and activities for your next family vacation.

Get faith-based travel insurance for your family’s next adventure.

AUTHOR: Erik Sorensen
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