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Author:Faith Ventures

Day 3 Giveaway #GRATWEEK15 We have loved seeing all of the great photos and posts of missionaries and mission sending organizations being honored. We're excited for day 3 of Gratitude Week to begin now! Give Thanks We are thankful for YOU, the person reading this blog post. Whether you're...

Day 2 Giveaway #GRATWEEK15 During day 2 of Gratitude Week we want to take some time to recognize the many organizations that make mission travel possible. We get to work with dozens of these great organizations and we enjoy it immensely. Give Thanks We are thankful for all of...

Day 1 Giveaway #GRATWEEK15 Welcome to day 1 of Gratitude Week! We're looking forward to spending the next 3 days celebrating missionaries and mission-sending organizations. This is just a little way for us to say thanks to all of you who give so much to the world...

This month's spotlight organization is Global Awakening. Read on to learn about the work God is doing through this ministry & how you can help. What the Ministry is All About Global Awakening is a teaching and healing ministry with a heart for the nations. The ministry...