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Quick Philippines Travel Tips | Fun Facts about the Philippines

Quick Philippines Travel Tips | Fun Facts about Philippines

Do you need Philippines travel tips for your next Philippines mission trip? Want to learn practical ways to pray for the Philippines? Looking for fun facts about the Philippines or basic Philippines demographics? If you’re searching for what to pack for the Philippines, researching the best time to visit the Philippines, or simply browsing for the best things to do in the Philippines, look no further! These fun facts about the Philippines will provide you with all the Philippines travel tips you’ll need in a quick, two-minute read. If you’re not ready for a Philippines mission trip, that’s okay! You can still impact the island nation by knowing how to pray for the Phillippines. Ready to talk MORE about the Philippines?

Philippines Demographics:

  • Capital: Manila
  • Population: 105.7 Million
  • Official language: Filipino
  • Largest people group: Malayo-Indonesian Filipinos (98.1%)
  • Public debt: 56.9% of GDP

Fun Facts about the Philippines

❓ Did you know: Filipinos make up the second largest Asian-American group in the United States, following the Chinese.

❓ Did you know: Nearly 25% of the world’s overseas nurses come from the Philippines.

❓ Did you know: Native skunks in the Philippines are called “stink badgers.”

❓ Did you know: When the Philippines go to war, they are the only nation in the world that hoists their flag upside-down.

Philippines Travel Tips

If you’re going on a Philippines mission trip or visiting the country for another reason, check in with the current travel advisories from the U.S. Department of State. When planning a trip to the Philippines, you should know the best time to visit the Philippines, what to pack for the Philippines and the best things to do in the Philippines. Here are the basics:

Best time to visit the Philippines

If you travel from October to May, you will avoid the heavy rains of typhoon season.

Things to do in the Philippines

? Visit one of the island’s quieter and older regions like Makati or Calle Crisologo.

? Snorkle the Sugba Lagoon or surf the Baler.

? Join one of many vibrant and eccentric Filipino festivals celebrated throughout the year.

? Hike or bike the ancient, cultivated landscapes of the rice terraces.

What to pack for the Philippines

Power adapter – the Philippines uses 220 volts for their electricity.

Microfiber tower – Keep dry in the unpredictable rains.

Snorkle & mask – Half the wonders of the Philippines live under the sea!

Travel backpack – Travel the rough, breathtaking terrain of the Philippines with ease.

For a more complete packing list for your Philippines mission trip, check out this ultimate packing list.

How to Pray for the Philippines

Human slavery. Sex trafficking remains the fourth largest source of national income in the Philippines. Up to 100,000 children and over 400,000 women are affected.

Biblical truth & church unity.  The Filipino Church is widely divided and mixed with many erroneous beliefs and other religions.

Poverty alleviation. More than 30% of the population lives below the poverty line, with most of the nation’s wealthy congregating in Manila.

Unreached people groups. Around 17 indigenous people groups have never heard the Gospel or practice Islam.

Find other ways you can pray for the Philippines by visiting Operation World.

AUTHOR: Erik Sorensen
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