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6 Safest Places to Travel Alone | Mission Trips for Her

7 Safest Places to Travel Alone | Mission Trips for Her

You can’t always find a traveling companion for mission trips, and sometimes it’s more exciting to join a mission group with unfamiliar faces. Some places create a safer environment by welcoming international visitors, particularly for solo female travel. If you’re scouting for the best places to travel alone or the safest places to travel alone, ladies will find these destinations equally safe and exciting for solo travel and group mission trips.

1. Japan

Main religions: Buddhist (69.59%), Minority religions (23.70%)

Known for whimsical characters, ethereal cherry blossoms, and delectable sushi, Japan creates an idyllic destination for women missionaries. The Japanese collectivism culture finds motivation and purpose through honor and shame. A rapidly aging population and many lost, suicidal youths create a society in desperate need of the Gospel.

Top prayer & ministry needs:

  • For locals to grasp the counter-cultural Gospel message
  • Increased witnessing among teens and young people
  • Quality church plants in cities without Christian influence
  • Creative distribution of Christian literature and entertainment

Cost to Travel: Low to Moderate

Current travel advisory: Level 1, Exercise Normal Precautions

2. Australia

Main religions: Christian (69.50%), Non-religious (23.23%)

Australia is a vast and diverse country blessed with natural wonders, exotic creatures, and rich blends of European and Aboriginal cultures. With a mixed heritage and growing immigrant population, Australia remains primarily Christian. Many loosely hold their faith or slide into unbelief.

Top prayer & ministry needs:

  • Spiritual apathy and lack of accountability
  • Wisdom for local conservation and stewardship of natural resources
  • Inspiration for the Church to aid with humanitarian needs

Cost to travel: High

Current travel advisory: Level 1, Exercise Normal Precautions

3. Ghana

Main religions: Christian (63.40%), Muslim (23.79%), Ethnoreligionist (12.50%)

Elephants roam natural reserves, and beaches rest in secluded alcoves in Ghana. Though shadowed by numerous military regimes, Ghana has matured as an example in peacekeeping for neighboring countries. Vigorous outreaches from Muslims have steered many natives to the Islamic faith.

Top prayer & ministry needs:

  • Over 30,000 street children in need
  • Trokosi girls as young as six enslaved to trafficking
  • Decreased church attendance and lack of church access in the North

Cost to travel: Very Low

Current travel advisory: Level 1, Exercise Normal Precautions

4. South Korea

Main religions: Non-religious (30.95%), Christian (30.95%), Buddhist (23.70%)

Married between modern and traditional, South Korea simultaneously offers the Joseon Dynasty royal tombs and Seol, the “tech capital of the world.” Unfortunately, South Korean youths maintain starking high suicide rates. With religious freedom, many citizens forego religion altogether.

Top prayer & ministry needs:

  • Christian leaders need humble guidance
  • Local churches must enact social change
  • Spiritual awakening against agnosticism

Cost to Travel: Very Low

Current travel advisory: Level 1, Exercise Normal Precautions

5. Costa Rica

Main religions: Christian (93.94%)

Lush rainforests make Costa Rica a top destination for ecotourism. Although Christianity dominates the island, Costa Rica suffers from immense poverty. Fellow believers can help the poor and minister to the needy. YWAM makes it easier to help since Costa Rica houses one of its largest agencies.

Top ministry & prayer needs:

  • High population of Chinese immigrants
  • Essential ministry resources for young people
  • Extreme poverty in areas of the island

Cost to Travel: Very Low

Current travel advisory: Level 1, Exercise Normal Precautions

6. New Zealand

Main religions: Christian (53.20%), non-religious (40.92%)

Fantasy meets reality in New Zealand with its magical landscapes and picturesque towns. Laid-back locals maintain freedom of religion, no established church, and an increasing immigrant population. Combined, these elements make it difficult for citizens to define their heritage and spiritual identity.

Top prayer & ministry needs:

  • Increasing immigrant population and diverse beliefs
  • Cultural revival for the Maori, the indigenous Polynesian people of the island
  • Spiritual awakening

Cost to Travel: Moderate

Current travel advisory: Level 1, Exercise Normal Precautions

Travel Safety Resources for Solo Female Travel:

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Disclaimer: Data is subject to change. Please visit the travel safety resources for current data on each location.

AUTHOR: Erik Sorensen
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