What Plan is Best For You?

How long is your trip?

When choosing a Faith Ventures travel insurance plan, the first thing to consider is the length of your trip. This will help determine if you need a short-term plan or a long-term plan.


If you’re going to be traveling for more than 180 consecutive days, you’ll need a long-term insurance policy. Faith Ventures offers two long-term plans- the 365 Plan and the 365 Sport Plan.


If your trip is 180 days or under, you will want to consider the Basic, Plus, and Premium Plans.



How many trips are you planning to take in the next year?

Do you have multiple trips planned for the upcoming year? If so, either the Plus or Premium Plan would be a good choice. The Plus and Premium Plans are annual plans that cover multiple trips within a year. There are still limits on the length of trip that you can take with these plans, so make sure to note that. (The Plus Plan covers trips up to 90 days and the Premium Plan covers trips up to 180 days.)


What if you’re only planning to take one trip within the upcoming year? The Basic Plan might be exactly what you need. The Basic Plan covers a single trip that is 60 days or less.



How much coverage do you need?

The Basic, Plus, and Premium plans all offer the same benefits but have different coverage limits.


For example, the Basic Plan offers $50,000 of coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation, the Plus Plan offers $300,000 of coverage for the same benefit, and the Premium Plan offers $500,000.


(You can see all coverage amounts here.)


If you’re unfamiliar with travel insurance, it can be hard to know how much coverage you might need. Take the following into account when choosing your plan:


  • How remote is your location? If you will be in a remote part of the world, consider a higher coverage limit- especially for Emergency Evacuation.
  • What are typical medical costs in the country you’re going to? If they are on the higher end, it would be smart to choose a plan with a higher coverage limit.
  • What level of coverage are YOU comfortable with? Ask yourself what will put your mind at ease as you plan for your trip.



What about Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage?

Our Trip Cancellation and Interruption policy is not automatically included with our Basic, Plus, and Premium Plans. However, it is available as an optional upgrade.


The Trip Cancellation plan reimburses prepaid, nonrefundable payments that you would lose if you canceled your trip or needed to come home early for a covered, unforeseen emergency.


Note: Not every cancellation is covered under this plan. Check out the description of coverage to see a list of covered reasons for cancellation.



What’s the difference between the 365 Plan and the 365 Sport Plan?

The 365 Plan is a great option for travelers that plan to be away from home for over 180 days. It can be purchased before you start traveling, or after you have already left on your trip.


The 365 Sport Plan provides the exact same coverage as the 365 Plan, but it adds coverage for the following adventure sports:


abseiling; BMX; bobsledding; bungee jumping; canyoning; caving; hang gliding; heli-skiing; high diving; hot air ballooning; inline skating; jet skiing; jungle zip lining; kayaking; mountaineering or rock climbing to elevation 4500 meters from ground level with proper ropes and guides; mountain biking; parachuting; paragliding; parascending; piloting a noncommercial aircraft; rappelling; scuba diving (to 50 meters); skydiving; snorkeling; snow skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling (no cover provided while skiing/boarding/mobiling in violation of applicable laws, rules or regulations; away from prepared and marked in-bound territories; and/or against the advice of the local ski school or local authoritative body); spelunking; surfing; trekking; whitewater rafting in water not exceeding Class V difficulty, wildlife safaris, windsurfing.



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If you’re still not quite sure which plan best fits your needs, don’t hesitate to give our Customer Care team a call at 1-800-876-4994!

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