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Why Go On a Mission Trip? The Value will Triumph Cost

Why Go On a Mission Trip? Value will Triumph Cost

Merely ask veteran missionaries, “Why go on a mission trip?” and they will gaze into the distance with a smile. From the people you meet, the impact you leave, and the changes you discover within yourself, mission trips are incredible experiences. Most who have taken mission trips will tell you it’s worth the cost to go.

If you think mission trips are too expensive, it may be time to shift perspectives. Mission trips often cost similarly or less than a typical vacation. Plus, volunteers can fundraise most, if not all, their trip cost–unlike a vacation. Online outlets for crowdfunding, like GoFundMe, make fundraising simple, and many people will gladly support if asked.

Here are a few ways mission trip experiences are worth far more than the travel costs.

Experiences triumph tangible things.

Research shows again and again that experiences bring people more happiness than do possessions.

Why go on a mission trip? It lets you experience another part of the world and encounter a different way of life. You can try foods you’ve only read about and weave memories together you can treasure for the rest of your life. Moments bring more happiness than new things.

Sharing the Gospel is invaluable.

Can you possibly place a price on someone’s soul?

By going on a mission trip, you actively say “yes” to the Great Commission by sharing the Good News with those who need to hear: Jesus forgave sins and death is no more; eternal life with the most loving God awaits those who believe and accept this gift. Your feet will bring the most precious news anyone can receive (Romans 10:15), and this is an invaluable exchange.

You’ll mature from the experiences.

No one can measure life experience in dollars.

By going on a mission trip, you will mature. Your worldview will widen as you learn to appreciate different cultures and break past prejudice. You can gain lifelong friends from your fellow mission team. Your faith will grow as you discover more about God’s heart, and you’ll uncover the strengths and passions of your own. These are but a few, valuable gems to unearth from a mission trip experience.

The cost of mission trips fades once comprehending their immense value. Mission trips are incredible investments that bring valuable, intangible experiences. Do you agree?

Likewise, here are ten inspiring reasons you should go on a mission trip.

If you go, make sure you get travel insurance for your mission trip!

AUTHOR: Erik Sorensen
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